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My Elevator Speech

My name is Jim Bannan. I have worked in and around industry for nearly 30 years. I started out life as a production worker and machine operator on the production floor.

I wish I could say that my transition into quality was altruistic, it was not. In our shop in the summer it was regularly 130 degrees, and the guy in there checking parts had air conditioning. That was the job I wanted and that was the job I got.

I found out very quickly that there was more to quality than checking parts and that’s where I became a true believer. I've seen time and again how solid systems make companies better. There is gold at the end of the rainbow.

I've been involved in many different industries over my career. I started in general machining and stamping and moved into bronze bearing and roller bearings. Then I got into some tool and die work as well as machining of aerospace parts. From there I got into explosive ordnance supply for military applications where I got experience with explosives electronics and assembly work. I moved into industrial brushing; this includes assembly work, wire forming plastics and other items. I also learned about chemicals and textiles. I then finished up in the paper industry.

I've seen a few things and done a few things, but there is never a visit that goes by that a client doesn’t teach me something. I look forward to seeing what you can teach me while I help your company get better.

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